GIG: “You + Us = A good future”

Publicado: mayo 27, 2014 de fersanjo en English 6º, Projects 6º



Candidate: Paula M. Izquierdo

Members: Itziar Marbán, Natalia López, Marta Heras & Clara López.


– Catechesis in the school

– Canteen: buffet sytle

– Extrac. act.: Zumba. It is really good!

– New sport: tennis

– We have to learn French! It is a beautiful language!

– One more hour of Music, Arts & Crafts, and P.E.

  1. PITITUNGO dice:

    i think that is a good idea putting 1 hour more of those activities

  2. PITITUNGO dice:

    i think you can put more things about paraescolares

  3. Marta Heras dice:

    i think that your opinion is good but I`m a member of the group and with those paraescolares is enough

  4. t_g_jhon dice:

    I think that one hour more of music… (I don’t like music) and zumba I don’t like, too.

  5. Edmundo dice:

    Where you are going to put the tennis court?

  6. Edmundo dice:

    The money of the buffet sytle?

  7. Casilda dice:

    Who is pititungo?

  8. paula perez dice:

    i think catechesis is a very good idea

  9. David Ramos dice:

    Im with you in all the proposals except the last one putting one our of music and plastic I think thatbwhith one is enough but putting one hour more of Pe is very good because we lost a lot of time changing and the hours go very quickly

  10. Herrero dice:

    What food would you put in the buffet ????

  11. Herrero dice:

    It world be better the food than the food that there is now????

  12. David Ramos dice:

    I’m with Rodri because depending on the money that you waste it can be a very good buffet or a terrible buffet and I think that a lot of money you aren’t going to be waste

  13. fregando cazuelas dice:

    to put one more hour of music ,arts and p.e you are going to remove …..

  14. fregando cazuelas dice:

    if you put a buffet you would waste a lot of food

  15. David Ramos dice:

    And with the left food what are you going to do??????

  16. carmen dice:

    that is true what are you going to do

  17. Casilda dice:

    Are you going to throw it???

  18. David Ramos dice:

    You are Carmen Azpeitia or Grijalba???

  19. Edmundo dice:

    Where you are going to put the tennis court

  20. Marina Izquierdo dice:

    this propolsals are very good


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