SAEP: “Do not stop believing in yourself”

Publicado: mayo 25, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º


Candidate: Marta Pascual

Members: Cristina Niño, Carlota Sanjuan, Marta Rodríguez & Alicia Rey.


– Canteen: less vegetables and yogurts & more hamburgers and fruit

– Judo (2 days/week, 100 €/month)

– New sport: Colpbol

– Golf (fun for the entire family!). Sundays 9 h. to 13 h. @Entrepinos

– Ice skating (200 € / month)

– Two teachers in every subject: one explains & the other one helps the students at the same time. Then, both help the students (not just one). It will reduce unemployment.

– Solidarity week: Not just one day. We will sell things for one week (more €!)

  1. Javier Ramos Jimeno dice:

    I think that the activities are very expensive.who is going to pay so much money for one month?Rich people?

  2. Davidenko dice:

    Java you copy the things that Fernando said

  3. Davidenko dice:

    Fernando how can we change the photo?????

  4. 6D14 dice:


  5. 6D14 dice:

    What is SAEP?

  6. diego lopez dice:

    golf its for all the ages ????the children are very young to play golf….. i think

  7. Edmundo dice:

    I think that judo is very expensive.

  8. carmen azpeitia dice:

    where you are going to put ice skating?

  9. MATO.V dice:

    How many days and hours are you going to put from ice skating? It doesn’t appear

  10. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I think that the extracurricular activities are good but very expensive.

  11. Luis herrero:) dice:

    Will you have another enfermery If one kid breaks his leg in judo????

  12. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I say the same that MatoV.When are you going to put ice skating????

  13. Davidenko dice:

    Im with all of you but if anybody of saep is going to put something it doesnt make sence put all this things because they arent going to answer our questions

  14. Davidenko dice:

    And if someone dont know thw spartans parte(sp)Are going to win!!!

  15. Marta Rodríguez dice:

    I think our ideas are very interesting because there are many activities to choose and the cooking clases are very good and funny

  16. PITITUNGO dice:

    I think that judo and ice skating is very expensive

  17. PITITUNGO dice:

    I like the idea of putting 2 teachers

  18. ITZI dice:

    I think that the extracurricular activities and the canteen are good but i think that the judo is very expensive.

  19. t_g_jhon dice:

    but , who is going to play golf? where?

  20. t_g_jhon dice:

    hello? are there anyone??????why do you not comment now?

  21. Davidenko dice:

    Im with pititungo I like the ideas of putting 2 teachers

  22. Davidenko dice:

    Fernando when are you going to put the next photos?????

  23. David Medina dice:

    Ice skatind 200 month .were?Do you seriously think tha some one is going to go?

  24. David Ramos dice:

    I think that even the child of Cristiono Ronaldo or other rich person won’t go!!!!!

  25. rodricrack3 dice:

    from where are you going to take the money for the 2 teachers???

  26. TRILLASURFER dice:


  27. PITITUNGO dice:

    ja ja ja yes

  28. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    I like the idea of the two teachers.But are they going to help us always? Even in exams? I think that if teachers always help us , in the future, we will have problems and we won´t be independent.

  29. alirey dice:

    yes but if we won a lot of money we can put a new swimming pool and courts of padel

  30. Alejandra dice:

    Waiting a minute SAEP stands for WHAT??? 😦

  31. Alejandra dice:

    Sorry wait

  32. David Ramos dice:

    I think that Saep stands for sport and education party

  33. celia rodriguez dice:

    It´s to expensive ice skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 😉

  34. celia rodriguez dice:

    How are you going to pay the extra teacher??????????????????

  35. celia rodriguez dice:

    If you don´t answer this is for…WHAT?????????????

  36. paula dice:

    ice skating is for rich people

  37. illya dice:

    I like buuuuuuutttttttttttttt my group are the best

  38. illya dice:

    i like buuuttttttttttttttttttttt my groupe are the besssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttt¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  39. alirey dice:

    illya your group is bad saep is the best

  40. alirey dice:

    and we are going to do however we want because we are going to win a lot of money and we will build couts of padel, new swimming pool ,………….

  41. t_g_jhon dice:


  42. tribi39 dice:

    i think that all the things are very expensive and nowbady is going to pay that money.Ice skating is more expensive than the school!!

  43. martukitaki dice:

    hello, I think that our ideas are so interesting because you can do new friends and learn new things and ……………….


  44. martukitaki dice:

    and do not coment only in our party because they are more political mparties in the blog

  45. David Ramos dice:

    I’m with tribi and I’m aren’t with Ali and martuki because the winning party is going to be Sp Spartans party

  46. Diez Bort dice:

    How are you going to go to entrepinos?

  47. David Ramos dice:

    I think that they are going to put a bus because if not I don’t know

  48. paula perez dice:

    why are you sure that you are going to win ?
    you have very high prices

  49. alirey dice:

    i agree with martukitaki

  50. alirey dice:

    to go to entrepinos we are going in a bus from the school that is free

  51. David Ramos dice:

    I think that is very expensive putting a bus from the school and you numbers are in red and you aren’t going to recuperate all the money

  52. gabriel portugal dice:

    yes but tell to the bus driver that is free to hear what did the bus driver tell

  53. Mencia dice:

    Who is going to carrie to entrepinos

  54. martukitaki dice:

    so I drive the bus :):):)

  55. alirey dice:

    jejeje the driver said that he doesn´t worry if it´s free !!!!!!!!!


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