LVD: “Look things other way”

Publicado: mayo 22, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º


Candidate: Fernando Cagigas

Members: Paula Espinilla, Patricia Bueno & Esther Aller.


-Canteen: Rabbits & spinach on thursdays

-Extracurricular activities: for kids, for parents & for both (to improve their relationship)

-New activities: Ice skating & swimming

-Class in the morning


  1. Natalia dice:

    Where are you going to put the ice skating? 🙂 😦

  2. patri bueno dice:

    in the CDO

  3. rodricrack3 dice:

    i think that you cant put rabbits because if they are not well do it they are going to be disgasting and with mold

  4. 6b14 dice:

    But… Where are you going to swim?

  5. Juan dice:

    How we are going to go?

  6. MATO.V dice:

    If you put always the same food the students will be sad

  7. ITZI dice:

    Are you sure that someone in the canteen is going to like tha spinachs because i don’t think so

  8. ITZI dice:

    I like a lot the extracurricular activities for parents and for kids

  9. David Medina dice:

    Were are you going to put the swimming pool ? And in winter the is a lot of people that dont like to swim in the winter and if in valladolid the weather is Cold the most of the time we are in school and people is in holydays in summer i think that people will not go and you pay for a swimming pool for five persons . And if you will put as a pe activite you will have to talk with the town hall and i think they would approved

  10. Juan 10B dice:

    Who is going to do the rabitts an the espinach???

  11. Carmen Grij dice:

    I like the idea of the ice skating

  12. Isma dice:

    But in the break of 15 minutes you don´t have time for nothing.
    And if the teacher stay in the class explain we will have 5 or 10 minutes

  13. Mencia dice:

    Im no going to come the thursdays

  14. ainoita dice:

    why are you going to put spinachs???

  15. ainoita dice:

    with the propuse that you have I think that you are not going to win

  16. viole dice:

    and with whay money would you build the swimming pool.
    And to have reserved the skating every week in the cdo how would you do it becauseother peoplego to skate in there

  17. carmen azpeitia dice:

    i don´t like the propuse of the ice skating if you are going to do in the cdo .It what are going to go the childrenthat are going to go?

  18. Luis herrero:) dice:

    Why spinach and rabbit????They are cheaper????

  19. t_g_jhon dice:

    the coments of marta´s party are going to reach you and they start yesterday to coment

  20. alirey dice:

    I agree with you luis why don´t you put hamburguers, pizza … and no rubbish and spinach they are bad

  21. paula dice:

    well i now how is the food of the canteen but ones a time you can eat vegetables .I now there the food is disgusting but we also we are change the company

  22. tribi39 dice:

    people say me that canteen food is the worst…if you put rubbish and spinach I don´t know what they are going to say….


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