WHATB: “Always thinking good”

Publicado: mayo 19, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º


Candidate: Edmundo Matía

Members: Juan Hernández, Pablo Horrillo & Miguel Hernáez.


– New activities: German, table tennis, parkour & swimming.

– Drinking fanta &  a T.V. in the canteen.

– A  new field to play paintball.

– Class in the morning.

– French 1h/week (6th grade).

– Javierada (More days!!)

  1. Edmundo dice:

    We are the best.

  2. Edmundo dice:

    Paintball is cool.

  3. Alejandra dice:

    Yes is cool but the playground would de very dirty!

  4. Isa Garcia dice:

    and were are you going to put the table of pinball!!!!!!!!!!you are not the best,you dont think!!!

  5. Isa Garcia dice:

    and the fanta of the canteen who pays it,you?

  6. Isa Garcia dice:

    and the slogan of : ¨ always thinking good ¨ is a skin-game because you dont think !!!

  7. Alejandra dice:

    I like your ideas but……
    UCIS is the best so it is going to win !!!:)

  8. Alejandra dice:

    And the idea of the T.V. is good but children would be fat.

  9. miguel co dice:

    But if you put the TV , the children will eat slowly.

  10. juan diez dice:

    Where are you going to put a field for paintball? And parkour, where?, jumping from one table to another?
    and a T.V. why? it´s good like it is.

  11. David Medina dice:

    But if you put more days in javierada from What place you take the money ¿¿¿¿¿

  12. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    What is parkour???

  13. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    I think that the TV isn’t a good idea because some children will want to watch one thing (Esponge Bob for example) and the rest of the children will like to watch other type of cartoon (los simphsoms for example).THAT WOULD BE A DESASTER!!!!!!

  14. carmen grijalba dice:

    i agree with you juan

  15. rodricrack3 dice:


  16. rodricrack3 dice:

    tv??? if you put a tv the canteen would be more disaster than now ,and the fanta??? who would pay it??? and all the peolple would like the fanta??

  17. Juan dice:

    Sorry but we going to win we aré the BEST 😃😀😄

  18. David Medina dice:

    The other i refer to the : Víctor : ja ja ja… no

  19. Carmen Grij dice:

    PFHis the best Party of the world 🌍🌍🌍👍👍

  20. Mini Diez Bort dice:

    Who will point to french?

  21. Clara dice:

    why are you going to put more days in the JAVIERADA ? I think that 4 days are find!

  22. ainoita dice:

    I love paintball

  23. carmen azpeitia dice:

    who want to learn french?

  24. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I dont like fanta and cola.There are more drinks??.

  25. Edmundo dice:

    To prepare the E.S.O.

  26. Edmundo dice:


  27. Casilda dice:

    Where Wilson you put the table to play table tennis?

  28. Casilda dice:

    Great idea!!!!!
    I think you are right puting moré days in javierada!!!!

  29. Edmundo dice:

    The table tennis in the “polideportivo”.

  30. alirey dice:

    I agree with trilla

  31. David Ramos dice:

    I think that is better in patio de las columnas because there is a lot of space and if it rain you can move it to the cover place

  32. MATO.V dice:

    The best idea for me is class in the morning

  33. Casilda dice:

    You’re right Víctor.

  34. Casilda dice:

    French is also a good idea. Don’t you think, Fernando?

  35. Casilda dice:

    Would you like to be the french teacher?

  36. Edmundo dice:

    But in some countrys apart that France speak french

  37. Class on the morning is a good idea…the pasintball field is going to be very expensive and were are you going to build it???and if you put tv and fanta children will be fat…this it would be U.S.A.

  38. alirey dice:

    i agree with you

  39. David Medina dice:

    We won the elections

  40. David Medina dice:

    Edmundo be with as and we will be with you . with as you will be the power and if your political party join with as we will be the absolute power in the parliament Because the unite makes the power .think that all your ideas will be voted by as and now one can change It if you Came with as dont think It more and come with as please . Edmundo Came with as


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