SPIS: “If we want, we can!”

Publicado: mayo 17, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º



Candidate: Andrés García

Members: Francisco Gil, Pablo Contreras, Miguel Coloma, Juan Díez Bort.


– Class in the morning (starting @ 9 h)

– Maths: Playing chess 1 h./week. (“It improves productivity”)

– English: watching a film in English (30 min/week)

– 1h for studing/working

– A school trip/month

– Food from all over the world – @ canteen-

– German & Table tennis as new extracurricular activities.

– To build a swimming pool on the roof.

– A new sport: Handball

– “Meetings with Jesus” in E.S.O.


  1. Pablo Contreras dice:

    We are the best.We will win the elections

  2. luis herrero dice:

    I don’t think so…

  3. luis herrero dice:

    what is ” meetings with jesus ” in ESO?

  4. Marta Heras dice:

    I think that you aren’t going to win the elections because GIG is the best and we are going to win

  5. Natalia dice:

    GIG is the best 🙂

  6. Natalia dice:

    We are going to win 🙂

  7. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I think that D BST 4 U is going to win

  8. Edmundo dice:

    In the canteen now put food from all over the world.

  9. Edmundo dice:

    Victor what you says is true.

  10. ITZI dice:

    I think that almost all the students of the school don’t like studying or working so i see a silly thing

    to put that in your political party.

    And other thing is that : from what place are you going to take the money for the swimming pool

    because i think that the money don’t comes from the trees.

  11. Edmundo dice:

    I think that table tennis is a sport that only can play two so I think that isn’t a good idea.

  12. miguel co dice:

    thank you Victor , but they can play four

  13. miguel co dice:

    we are going to build a cover swimming-pool.

  14. miguel co dice:

    meeting with Jesus is when you pray or we do religious activities.

  15. juan diez dice:

    we arer going to won the elections

  16. juan diez dice:

    win ii am sorry

  17. Natalia dice:

    Where are you going to get the money to build swimming pool? The money doesnt fall from the clouds.

  18. Natalia dice:

    where are you going to get the money to hire people to teach how to play chess?Or the children are going to teach the chess classes? I don’t like the idea of playing chess!!¡¡ It’s better to do sudokus I think 🙂

  19. Natalia dice:

    Also doing sudokus produce “productivity”

  20. Diego Lopez dice:

    You want to put a swimming pool in the roof? The first thing is if you have money to buiod and how many children are going to go to swim or no??

  21. David Medina dice:

    But if we have class in the morning ( starting at 9 ) we will finish to late

  22. David Medina dice:

    But if you do handball like a new sport you cant compete with other school Because the dont have this sport and if you cant compete with other people you play all the time with the same people and is boring

  23. David Medina dice:

    But the meeting with Jesús will be boring to the people os eso

  24. rodricrack3 dice:

    WHY A SWIMMING POOL??? you have Don Sancho at 5 steps

  25. 6b14 dice:

    I’ve got a question…What tipe of films in English are you going to put?Because some people could like for example animated films but others could prefer horror films… :/

  26. 6b14 dice:

    And,where are you going to play handball? :/

  27. ainoita dice:

    If we start the class at 9 we are going to finish the classes very late

  28. Davidenko dice:

    I think that the SP is the party is going to win it have a lot of things and when Fernando put the photo all are going to scare

  29. paula perez dice:

    one thing: ke the idea of one escursion
    i like the idea of one scholl trip every month but don´t you think that the children are going to need a lot of money to pay the trips of ten months ( the months that we have school)

  30. PITITUNGO dice:

    where are you going to put the swimming pool?

  31. miguel co dice:

    you have to read the proposals we are going to put in the roof .

  32. this are very good ideas but where is the roof??

  33. miguel co dice:

    In the upper part of the school.


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