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Publicado: noviembre 8, 2013 de fersanjo en Science 6º

Not only one, but two teachers! Jeremy Shaba, from U.S. (currently studying in Canada) connected to us via skype to deepen in the knowledge of the musculoskeletal, digestive & circulatory system…. in horses. Amazing! We learned lots of things. Do you remember some of them? If so, COMMENT!!! Let everyone know!


Jeremyblog2   Jeremyblog3

  1. Jeremy Shaba dice:

    I had a lot of fun! I hope you guys enjoyed it.

  2. Itziar dice:

    We enjoyed a lot!!!!!!! It was very interesting

  3. Claudia Fernández dice:

    It Was Very good !!!!!!!!

  4. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I liked a lot .It was so good!!!!!

  5. Natalia dice:

    I liked a lot.!!! It was very interesting

  6. Isa Garcia dice:

    yes, was very funny!!!!!!:):):):):):):

  7. gabri dice:

    hello is was very intresting speak to Jeremy a knew a lot

  8. Isa Garcia dice:

    Yes,and we learned that the heart of a horse its the same that a basketball.And he showed us the skull . WAS AMAZING!!!!:):)

  9. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    I love horses and Jeremy taught us many things about they, like the small intestine of a horse, that is as long as 11 Fernandos.I THING THIS SCIENCE CLASS WAS THE BEST!!!!

  10. […] It was inspiring to see how much energy and enthusiasm they had. They were a great group of kids with a lot of potential. Fernando wrote a blog post about the session and all of the students commented on it. You have to read their comments! Fernando’s Post […]

  11. alejandra dice:

    we learnt a lot I like it a lot

  12. casilda dice:

    me too. it was great to comunicate by skype with a person, a expert in hourses of Canada!!!


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