Hearts, Lungs & Kidneys

Publicado: octubre 11, 2013 de fersanjo en Circulatory system, Science 6º

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  1. diego lopez dice:

    very interesting the hearts and the lungs,these a good posibility of study

  2. isatienerizos dice:

    was a very interesting activity!!!
    and funny!!!:):)

  3. Ismael Alonso dice:

    I enjoyed a lot with this activity.

  4. Claudia Fernández dice:

    This activity si Very good and funny

  5. violeta badas dice:

    i enjoyed a lot and was very funny

  6. paula perez dice:

    I like this activity it was funny and a very good way to study

  7. Edmundo dice:

    Is a interesting form to learn.
    Thank you for it.

  8. Itziar dice:

    we can learn a lot with this activity and enjoy it too

  9. casilda dice:

    the activity was great!!!!!!! like all the photos!!!

  10. Javier san jose perez dice:

    The lungs are very good to study the circulaition systems

  11. Marta Heras dice:

    I like the experience of touching hearts.
    It was fantastic!!!

  12. carmen azpeitia dice:

    this activity was very funny and fantastic
    ¡we have to do more!

  13. Ana Barca dice:

    Hello is incredible that I touch that but is useful to study. BYE

  14. David Medina dice:

    I liked the activity a lot

  15. violeta badas dice:

    it was very funny and interesting
    i eager to do the bone exprtiment¡¡¡¡

  16. Luis Herrero del Barrio dice:

    I liked a lot the activity!!!!!
    It was a very fun and interesting forn of learning
    My group it’s going yo be the best explaning the hearts
    I am so beautifull in the photos
    Thenks Fernando!!!!!

  17. alejandra dice:

    I liked a lot the activity of the hearts:)

  18. alejandra dice:

    I have learnt a lot 🙂

  19. adriana dice:

    this activity was disgusting but exciting but I felt ill when I smelled the lung´s air…
    🙂 🙂

  20. @mariiin4 dice:

    puaj !!! you have your the hands dirty !!!!


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