Meet the candidates 10: Student Young Party. SYP

Publicado: junio 8, 2013 de fersanjo en Elections, Projects 6º, Science 6º

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.46.57 PM  Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.47.47 PM

Student Young Party

Candidate: Ofelia Rey

Members: Sendy Tobar, Marina Sánchez, Lucía Rodríguez & Sofía Rodríguez

Slogan:”Because we are the future”

More info:

– Hours in the schedule to do the homework

– A new microwave in the Dining hall

– “The First Comunion” in the school

  1. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    I’m agree with the first comunion in the school, but…why a new microwave?????????????

  2. David alfageme dice:

    Is good the party

  3. miguel2603 dice:

    I don´t go to the dining room so I don´t now if the food is cooler or hoter but I go one day and the temperature was good.

  4. sendy tobar dice:

    yes, but some times, for the people who goes later because of the extracurricular activities the food is cold, so imagine, they go a lot of childrens

  5. marina sanchez dice:

    that is true and the food is very bad cold

  6. morenin morenin dice:

    this is HORRIBLE!! we celebrate the fist comunion on the school yet and the microwave? the food is good….

  7. morenin morenin dice:

    do you think Mariano Rajoy with a face in the poster ? what´s a piti !?!? and the photograph? puajajajajaja

  8. paula villa dice:

    it is right a don´t go lots of times to the dinningroom but when I whent I don´t like to much the food and it is cold .
    and vote for us your party of confidence

  9. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    The logo, is the face?

  10. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    in the photo marina is with a t shirt of chupa chups is she doing “propaganda”?

  11. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    why did you elect ofelia to the candidate?

  12. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    The food is not cold

  13. marina sanchez dice:

    nooooooo ans yes the logo is the face

  14. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    I gather that there are even more than a microwave in the dining room, because if not the food will be ice clubes.

  15. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    I don´t understand the slogan

  16. luchyolmil dice:

    jajajaja ,who are you morein morein, are you Pablo Moreno ,or what?Because you are very funny.

  17. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    I think he is Pablo Moreno. True????

  18. juan zapatero dice:

    in the photo your faces are like pixelated
    why the slogan is“ because we are the future”, is better to say only “we are the future”i don´t understand the “because”

  19. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    yes im pablo moreno

  20. luchyolmil dice:

    I think the video of this party is the best because its very good elaborated but Idont think the same wiht the anthem.

    • sendy tobar dice:

      yes, the letter of the anthem is good, but when why sang and we put the music the efect wasn’t good because we don’t follow the times

  21. Lucía Rodríguez dice:

    Yes, but we did the rest of the project very good.

  22. marina sanchez dice:

    yes because we are the best

  23. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    To do the first comunion in the school is not a good idea becouse i prefeer to do my first comunion with my family.And i don’t understand the “because” in the slogan


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