Meet the candidates 8: Kid´s Interests Political Party. KIPP.

Publicado: junio 5, 2013 de fersanjo en Elections, Projects 6º, Science 6º

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Kid´s Interests Political Party

Candidate: Ángel Blanco

Members: David Alfageme, Alberto Calderón, Antonio Blanco & Carlos Bernal

Slogan: “Make the difference, change the school”

More info:

– + audiovisual material.

– Offer German, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese

– A new powerful Wi-Fi signal

– Reduce price for lunch (& different meals: Italian, Mexican…etc.)

– Religion in the bilingual program

  1. sendy tobar dice:

    jajaja thats true!!! please, another Wi-Fi signal

  2. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal dice:

    With so many lenguajes we aren’t going to have time for the other asignatures.

  3. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal dice:

    I think that Ángel have an evil’s face.

  4. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal dice:

    In the photo.

  5. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal dice:

    Why a trébol as logo?

  6. David Alfageme dice:

    First learn to write in english and then You
    Can criticize our party . The logo means lucky
    Because it has 4 leaves

  7. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    The religion in english is not a good idea.The only good thing that has is to pray in english like in sciencie.The itilian food is a good idea becouse in the dinningroom there are not new meals. And we are not here to have a discusion with you, we are here to say things what you can change.I think that the logo and the name is a good idea. Thanks!

  8. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    It’s true.

  9. We’re looking forward to see your party, Alejandro de Paz…..

  10. juan zapatero dice:

    Angel and David,you get angry so fast without any reason, Alex only makes a question

  11. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    That sounds like you’re going to laugh at his party

  12. Miguel Tostao dice:

    Do you imagine Moncada speaking english???

  13. paula dice:

    I think that this political party is good and that alejandro is a little angry. Why?

  14. sendy tobar dice:

    wow! at first… “tostao” why do we have to imagine moncada talking in english? then… sorry, but I think that you enter in a silly fight that don’t go anywhere

  15. David alfageme dice:

    A political war

  16. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Sorry, Ángel, I didn’t want to insult you.

  17. sendy tobar dice:

    i like the political party and the ideas, but the are in a “war”… why?

  18. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    If this is a war,who is in the band of the good education and to reach a truce?

  19. Andres6°A dice:

    I don’t like fights…

  20. I think KIPP is the best party!

  21. sendy tobar dice:

    thats what you think, but the best is the SYP 🙂

  22. marina sanchez dice:

    why this war.It has got bad and good ideas,like all the parties

  23. ofelia dice:

    Why a war? You all know that the best party is SYP

  24. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    Ok.I am not going to introduce my political party in a war that anyone can win. Do you think that the real political parties like PP and PSOE when they are not agree start wars?I am not agree with KIPP because i think that it is not something to start a “war”

  25. anto6a dice:

    You don’t Think Ofelia the best party is KYPP.

  26. juan zapatero dice:

    all of you are confuse the best party of the world is PPE
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VOTE FOR US!!!!!!!

  27. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    All of us think that the best party is his/her own party. Here we are to try to improve the parties, not to fight between us.

  28. marina sanchez dice:

    I also think that SYP is the best party but we have to talk about KIPP

  29. morenin morenin dice:

    in the foto there are 3 persons and the other 2?

  30. luchyolmil dice:

    So if there is a war I introduce my party (the best of 6 C)that is called YOU

  31. marina sanchez dice:

    that is true,where are the other 2

  32. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Yes, there are 2 persons missing.

  33. luchyolmil dice:

    We are talking about this party not about others sorry for introduce my party 😦

  34. marina sanchez dice:

    yes thats true,sorry:(

  35. ANDRES14 dice:

    i could vote kipp…

  36. anto6a dice:

    I like a lot fights(wars)


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