Meet the candidates 7: Young Organisation Union. YOU.

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Young Organisation Union

Candidate: Lara Jiménez

Members: Cristina Reglero, Beatriz Del olmo & Lucía Olmedo

Slogan: “We believe in you”

More info:

– Introduce Skateboarding

– Coke, burgers & hot dogs in the canteen.

– Riding horses.

– An exchange with an international school, starting at age 11.

  1. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    I don´t want to eat hot dogs or burgers, we´re going to be fat.
    I want more healthy food.

    • Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

      I am agree with you. I like that type of food but is important to be healthy and obesity is problem that is around the world. Also i am agree with the exange becouse is easily to learn a languaje practicing i.t

  2. sendy tobar dice:

    its true, we could eat burgers or hot dogs, yes, but doing an equilibrate diet

  3. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Thank you, Alfonso and Sendy for been agree with me.

  4. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    The name of the party is good, is like a game with words.

  5. luchyolmil dice:

    The food isnt´s all days hot dogs and hamburger. Only in partys or somre especial days like birthdays, the party of the school…

  6. luchyolmil dice:

    Thank for all the comments you put so we can improve.:)

  7. marina sanchez dice:

    i also like the name but eat always that food at the end is boring

  8. sendy tobar dice:

    well, if its in special days… also now, some times they do that, they give you pizza (very bad pizza) and if they give you in special days like birthdays… almost every week there is one, we are in the same place

    • marina sanchez dice:

      yes but special days like birthays…almost every day is a boy´s birthay.i think that twice a month or something like that would be nice

  9. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    It’s true, there are a lot of birthdays during a week

    Parties, no partys.

  10. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Riding horses? Where?

  11. morenin morenin dice:

    and skateboarding are you good? we lost lots of money in the spotrs center yo are going to spell more money for a skateboard center and we are in “crisis” do you like spell money or what. It´s a worse idea

  12. luchyolmil dice:

    No, is like football ,we go to a particular place to skate and to ride a horse ,so, dont comment so many things, because you pay the same to play football ,so, dont protest.

  13. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    NO! THAT IT´S FALSE!!!!because I go to football and I don pay to much I pay the bus and to play.
    in skateboard you have to buy an skate you have to pay for the pist and for things you should have: helmet…. Is it to much costs

  14. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    why did you elect Lara for the candidate?

  15. luchyolmil dice:

    1st-The helmet and the skate are the same that the football and the equipment.
    2nd-We elected to Lara for the presidency because all of us we want to be the candidate so we put our names in 4 papers and we told to Fercho that he choses a paper and he chose the paper of Lara.

  16. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    1st the equipment of football doesn´t cost anything they borrow you

  17. luchyolmil dice:

    No you pay 20 euros and then if you take to the school the give you the 20 euros that you pay for it.

  18. luchyolmil dice:

    VOTE FOR YOU YOUNG ORGANISATION UNION !!! because we think in you. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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