Meet the candidates 5: Union of Students from B. USB.

Publicado: junio 3, 2013 de fersanjo en Elections, Projects 6º, Science 6º


“Union of Students from B”

Candidate: Ignacio González

Members: Yago García, Alejandro Da silva, Juan González, Mateo González & Miguel Ángel García

Slogan: “Yes, we can change your life”

More info:

– Singing songs in the morning to pray

– More excursions: Madrid, Barcelona…

– Free books

– A candy for every students, each week.

– Go to the EMDE by plane

  1. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Where will you get the money to go by plane to the EMDE?

  2. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    A candy, why?

  3. Alfonso Larumbe dice:

    I have a question:
    Of where are you going to finance the plane to go to the EMDE?

  4. sendy tobar dice:

    if you go in bus now to EMDE and it cost a lot of money… how much will coast going by plain, 1000 euros? more?

  5. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    You aren´t going to sobornar us with a candy.

    How do you say “sobornar” in english?

  6. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Fernando, are you gonig to put ALL the parties in the blog?

  7. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    I think that do the project by hand is better than with the computer, because is more “natural”.
    But is only a suggestion.

  8. Rodrigo Hernández dice:

    Nacho ” Biber”

  9. Rodrigo Hernández dice:


  10. Rodrigo Hernández dice:

    A Candy each wheek! ….. why?

  11. Roberto Mota dice:

    i agree with Alejandro : From where are you going to get yhe money???

  12. marina sanchez dice:

    I think that all the thing that this party proposes are very expensive

  13. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    Is an exquisite party jajaj

  14. juan zapatero dice:

    your ideas have not sense and they are very expensive

  15. miguel2603 dice:

    Hi , I´m Miguel from the USB and I want to say that is not if is expensive or not is if you like yes or not.

  16. miguel2603 dice:

    and vote for us!!!!!!!!

  17. paula villa dice:

    yes it is expensive and you will say that now becose is your party

  18. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    did you forgot the song that fernando taught us? The Lord is good to me

  19. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    that is to pray

  20. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    and is very funny to go by the emde by plane but……THE PRICE!!!!

  21. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    what is the logo???

  22. Yago dice:

    Soooorrrry. Is in the photo of our poster

  23. Toño dice:

    I agree with Pablo


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