Meet the candidates 4: Political Party of Vallisoletanos. PPV

Publicado: junio 2, 2013 de fersanjo en Elections, Projects 6º, Science 6º


“Political Party of Vallisoletanos”

Candidate: Paula Villacampa

Members: Miguel Ciurezu, Fernando Rodríguez & Nicolás Sánchez

Slogan: “The party of confidence”

More info:

– Synchronized swimming & paddle

– 3 chefs in the school

– Bring someone famous to the school to celebrate the “Peace day”

  1. sendy tobar dice:

    the ideas are good, but i think these ideas are only from paula

  2. Alejandro de Paz Berrocal. dice:

    Why do you wont another chef in the school? With the chefs that are already now I think we are good in the school diningroom and we don’t spend more money.

  3. Alfonso Larumbe dice:

    I don’t like the slogan becouse it says a description of the party instead of say a message

  4. juan zapatero dice:

    where are you going to place the swimming pool in the school?
    and i think that you can do a better project

  5. Miguel Tostao dice:

    yes , juan but we can put te swimming pool in our classroom…
    if you are bored you can jump in the water.

  6. sendy tobar dice:

    is true, where would be the pool? and that pool, for the girls who practice synchronized swimming, that use very deep and very long pools, minimum 40 meters long and 5 meters depth

  7. marina sanchez dice:

    I also think that the project is not very good and,if you put a new swimming pool,where are you going to put it.Ans,how are you going to pay

  8. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    I think we can leave the subject of money and talk more about the ideas

  9. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    Because if we get realistic: Do you think that telepizza will work to a school?

  10. sendy tobar dice:

    telepizza? they don’t say anything about telepizza, and we were talking about the idea of the swimming pool

  11. Alfonso Larumbe 6ºC dice:

    I know it.But other political parties yes

  12. sendy tobar dice:

    but… we were talking about the idea of the pool, and from the PPV, no from others

  13. marina sanchez dice:

    yes and we talk about the ideas that we want

  14. paula villa dice:

    One thing why do you think we can do a better project if you eather have see the project? and we have place to play football and near the camp of football is a ground taht none one uses we can do there the swimming pool

  15. morenin morenin 6ºC dice:

    But did you realise that bring a famous cost lots of money?

  16. paula villa dice:

    yes but you have to do a donative for example 2 euros and 50 cents will be the correct option

  17. Toño dice:

    Yes but depends on the famous


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