Awesome 4000 “Ultimate edition”

Publicado: marzo 7, 2013 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º

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2.- ObjectiveIn this Project, we want to represent acar called awesome 4000 “ultimate edi-

cion”. The car has lights, wheels and a

Bell that sounds like a claxon.

3.- Materials

We used:

  • a bell
  • a car
  • battery x 2
  • motor x 2
  • switch x 3
  • light bulb x 4
  • wires 3m
  • wheels x 4
  • colour spray x 2
  • superglue


5.- Procedures

  1. We buy all the materials we need
  2. We put the pray in some pieces of the car
  3. We start putting the wires on the back lights and we connect with the bell
  4. Then, we put the wires of the front lights
  5. After that, we start placing the switches
  6. We put the wires inside the motors and we connect with another switch
  1. Finally, we place the batteries and we save with celotape all the wires.


  • We learnt how to place a switch, a light Bulb etc…
  • We learnt how to put the wires, it was very easy
  • We learnt how to put two lights at the same time, and also with the motors
  • We learnt how we can change the direction of the motors
  • We learnt how to change the colour of a light bulb
  1. diego dice:

    Dis is a good projet

  2. Daniel dice:

    Fernando this is the best project for you??


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